Instructions for Operating Engines 3
Directions for Ordering 5
Instructions pour Mettre les Engins en Fonctionment 6
Instructions pour Commander 9
Cuts of Parts 10-12
List of Parts 13-18
Special Features 19
Utility Hoist 20
Acadia Superior Hoist 21
Acadia Engine Operating Portable Sawing Outfit 22
Acadia Friction Hoist 23
Acadia Gear Driven Friction Hoist 24
Stationary Engine Specifications 25
Sectional View of Stationary Engine 26

NOTE: This is a transcription of the Acadia booklet index. Not all the pages listed in this index are on this web site because they were omitted when I was given a photocopy of the booklet.

Mike Spencer -- Sun 26 Mar 2006