chainsaw -- Interactive Object Editor


chainsaw [-q | -e] [object]


chainsaw is a powerful, interactive tool for editing objects in the Real World(tm) [1] environment. It supports cut and delete but not paste or undo. There are no pop-up dialog boxes asking "Are you sure?" prior to the execution of edit commands.

Designed primarily to operate on BTU-class objects, chainsaw is capable of editing other objects (Foot, Leg) and peripherals (Neighbor) as well if carelessly used. In some cases, unintentionally edited objects can be partially repaired using stitches(8), a rudimentary Restore program available only off-site and requireing specially trained operators. For this reason, use of flog(1) in conjunction with chainsaw is deprecated.

chainsaw can also be used to modify your basic architecture in preparation for installation of newer and larger Windows. In this application it is important to be vigilant to avoid editing non-BTU type objects of class Spikes or Mains. In the former case (Spikes), damage inevitably occurs to the Object Interface Module (OIM), requiring File and Restart. After a certain number of File/Restart cycles, the Object Interface Module is Minimized, requiring installation of a new OIM. In the latter case (Mains) damage typically occurs to all components, sometimes requiring reboot of the user. Applying chainsaw to objects of class Mains is considered harmful.



Quiet option. Omit distracting sound effects. Also eliminates requirement for Geolog Asynchronous Support (GAS) technology and greatly reduces risk of inadvertant damage to Real World(tm) objects. With this option, Restart may be omitted after a File operation. To achieve these advantages, a substantial amount of the work of editing BTU objects is offloaded onto the user and throughput is typically reduced by a factor of from 4 to 20. Chiefly intended for use when chainsaw is invoked by a child process or when there is a significant mismatch between the processing speeds of the user and the Real World(tm).


"Electric" option. Don't use GAS technology. Automatically omits distracting sound effects but has none of the other advantages or disadvantages of the -q option. Versions of chainsaw that support this option are typically less portable than the canonical version and will perform properly only when provided with special network connection hardware.


/dev/file/ (recommended)


Managing Thermal Resources in the Unix Environment: Vol. 2, Wood   Heat


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Robert Whitelaw, Mike Spencer
January 1997

Updated: Sat 31 Jan 2009