The Muse Limited Partnership
Written Texts Division
Chateau Norn
Lucerne, Switzerland

Dear Valued Client,

You will doubtless be surprised to receive correspondence from us via this unorthodox channel and you may be concerned that there is aught amiss in our relationship. We hasten to explain.

As a dear and valued client we're sure you know that we are one of the oldest partnerships in the world, third only after JHVH Construction & Bioengineering and Murphy Process Consulting. Our Written Texts Division was formed by farsighted members of the original Oral Narrative and Musical Performance divisions in The Year King Three Bollocks Began the Brick Tax in Akkad. Within a mortal generation we had our first client and we've been in continuous growth mode ever since, save only during our unfair competition dispute with JHVHC&B over the unfortunate Moishe Affair.

You will surely understand that, despite the existence from an early date of Morningstar Accountants & Lighting, we, like other firms of our class, have not customarily submitted to the indignity of audits or other unseemly scrutiny of the details of our enterprise. Nevertheless it is a tradition at The Muse Limited Partenership to undertake a Millennial Review of outstanding commitments, client relationships, resources and so on. Historically more of a celebration of the written word than a tedious bookkeeping exercise, the Fifth Millennial Review was an joyful occasion of constructive criticism, self-congraulation and anticipation. This, our sixth Millennial Review, has proved a task of overwhelming magnitude and a rude awakening for The Partners.

To come quickly to the burden of this letter, we are confronting irreversible resource depletion. We accept responsibility for culpable mismanagement. We have allowed the supernal skills and diligence of our Client Working Partners to be exploited by Hephaistos, Techne, Liebowitz & Co., a firm which hitherto we naively regarded as partners and colleagues. In short, following an invitational auction of the remaining three Epic Concepts, two Dramatic Themes, five Plots and 91 sundry Small Inspirations, we wre winding up all existing operations of the Written Texts Division and restructuring as Chimera Advanced Media Content and Advertising. Our new CEO, whose name we are not as yet at liberty to announce, has been recruited from the ranks of senior management within Morningstar Accountants and Lighting and will take charge of the new spinoff firm at the Millennial meeting of The Partners.

Please consider this your official invitation to the auction. We look forward to seeing you at this unique event. In addition, we urge you to contact your regular Muse Partner with a view to extending your valued patronage to our new services as a Media Content Provider or as Creative Advertising Talent.

Your Servant,
— for The Partners