Mike Spencer
Artist Blacksmith

The Visitor

Departed Åland sometime in the 10th century during the Little Climactic Optimum, arrived on the southwestern shore of Nova Scotia in the late 20th century, in search of certain secret and hermetic knowledge to be found, according to ancient legend, only in a particular Book, the only surviving copy of which was preserved by an adept of the cult of `Εφαιτος on that windswept and rocky shore.


The mask is made from a horse pelvis I found in the sand on Sable Island . It seemed immediately obvious that it was to be worn and proved to be just my size as well. Later the crown and fur were added. The crown is made from half a steel fish net buoy with the forged barbs welded into bored holes.

Original photos by Peter Barss

Updated: Mon 25 Feb 2008