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Hephaistos: Internationale Zeitschrift für Metallgestalter

I've done occasional translations for Hephaistos which are posted to the ArtMetal mailing list and on the ArtMetal web site (where they include some of the photos from the magazine). For more information about Hephaistos contact Helmut Hillenkamp, US representative for the publication.
Creativity and Computer Go Hand in Hand
A Visit with Tom Joyce
New Acquisitions and Restoration Shop at the Freilicht Museum at Hagen
Capturing Tomorrow's Customers
Only through active marketing
relating to the preceding article; trade representation for blacksmiths.
The Material is the Root of the Art
Walfrid Huber on the history of iron.
A Brawny Individualist - Delicate Tracery in Steel
Nancy -- The Rococo and Jean Lamour
A Surgeon with a Love for Steel
The Le Secq des Tournelles Museum in Rouen
Ephraim Kishon on Modern Art -- an interview
A demanding art with the graver, file and polishing wheel
Iron Votive Offerings
Bavarian smiths in the late middle ages made small animal figures to be used as devotional offerings for the intercession of St. Leonhard on behalf of sick or lame domestic animals.

Mike Spencer -- Updated 13 July 2000