Michael Spencer

Mike Spencer is an artist-blacksmith who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada's eastern-most Maritime province. His work is in public places and private collections in Canada, the USA and Europe and photographs have appeared in Canadian, German and American publications.

He has been a guest demonstrator for the Artist Blacksmiths' Association of North America, the New England Blacksmith's Association and the Ontario Blacksmith's Association and a guest lecturer at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design.

He was for over a decade a regular guest at MIT, presenting seminars on blacksmithing for the Integrated Studies Program and for a group of students in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering .

He also does a little network consulting and is unreasonably pleased to have made a miniscule contribution to the development of MIT's Project Athena. On the back burner is an educational multimedia piece that draws together the craft of smithing, the physics of hammer flight and the study of mind and brain.

He's an avid gardener and a fan of insects and Linux.

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Updated 4 July 2000 -- Mike Spencer