Oliver or Chain-maker's Hammer

These photos were sent to me by Jim Friedrichsen a short time ago, lessee, that would be in....Gak!   Late 1999?!   And I promised to put them on the web for TheForge to enjoy. Sorry, Jim. Seems to have slipped through the cracks somehow.

So anyhow, unless I've messed up even worse, these are compliments of Jerry O. Wolfe of Wolfe Forge.

Overview of oliver

Side view of oliver

Oliver anvil detail

Detail, jig in hardy hole

Steps in forging a link

Comparing this with the chainmaker's anvil from the Ironbridge Museum, it looks as though the early version was probably simpler. But it also may have had a tendency to fall apart. And I don't have any info on how the jig in the hardy hole is used. The only chain I've made has been the type with quite large, long links. It was probably much easier to do than the shorter, fatter links shown above.

Jim, are you out there? Do you have any pointers on how the hardy hole tool was used?

Updated: Mike Spencer -- Thu 03 Jan 2008