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Stainless Smokebox & Flue

Forge & smokebox Here are some views of the forge smoke box and flue. The flue is 13" in diameter, rolled up by hand over a mandrel and closed with a lock seam. The smoke box is a little heavier material and is tacked together with 1/16" stick welds. Sections of the flue are are joined with wide hoseclamp-like bands of stainless.
Smokebox Smokebox
The topmost section of the flue  —  the section that goes through the roof  —  is commercial insulated metal chimney with all the insulation pulled out. It was easier to just buy that and give it to the builder to install with the roof than to try to make it when all my gear was in disarray. I had to modify the store boughten weather cap to fit the OD of the flue because it was designed to fit the original, 8" ID of the insulated pipe.
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Updated: Wed Feb 19 2003
Digital Photos: Tnx to Ben Davis