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Mike Spencer -- Artist Blacksmith

Forging hot iron
Thoughts on the art of forging hot iron.
About my ironwork, with photographs.
Some translations from the German Kunstschmied's magazine.
Tools, thingumies and sundry widgets.
My new blacksmith shop
Acadia Gas Engines
Manual, parts list and pics of all the parts scanned from the Acadia booklet.

Some Other Metalwork Sites

Maritime Blacksmiths Association
Blacksmiths in Canada's Maritime provinces
Cape Breton Blacksmiths Association
Blacksmiths on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
The ArtMetal Project
Upper Midwest Blacksmith's Association (UMBA)
Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site in Saugus, Mass.
There's an interesting book, Ironworks on the Saugus that documents the history, excavation and reconstruction of this high-tech heavy industry in the colonial wilderness.

    This is the site of the first integrated ironworks in North America,
    1646-68. It includes the reconstructed blast furnace, forge, rolling
    mill, and a restored seventeenth century house.

Gas forge design by the Wizard Gas Forge Hackers:

Artist Blacksmiths' Association of North America (ABANA)
Look here for news of events, electronic newsletters and email lists of interest to art smiths. ABANA is the major North American art smithing organization and has a world-wide membership.

The Guild of Metalsmiths -- Minnesota chapter of ABANA
Architectural and Sculptural Metalsmithing
Dimitri Gerakaris' home page.
Historical metallurgy links and some other links to other Archaeo-metallurgical WWW sites

This list of metalwork sites doesn't pretend to be complete or selective. It's just meant to to offer enough variety to serve as a useful gateway to what's out there. New sites get added whenever I get around to it.

Cartoon monster

Resident Alien

This is also the home of Resident Alien, an occasional electronic publication of satire, critical rants and putative wit.

Some other things

Chebucto Community Network
Free community network in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ben Davis

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