Acadia Gasoline Stationary Engines

The plant manager at the Acadia Gas Engine plant in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, photocopied these pages for me around 1975 while the company was still in operation. At that time the 10 HP engine was still in (very occasional) production and some of the major casting were on hand.

Pages 6-9 were omitted in the photocopy because they were in French and at that time I didn't realize that I might end up with the only archive copy. What I have appears here. Much of the text, including the index to the parts diagram and the engine specifications table, has been transcribed into HTML text because the original typeface is small, making scanned images difficult to read unless very lare images are used.

Page 1 Cover
Page 2 Table of Contents
Pages 3-5 Operating Instructions and ordering information
Pages 6-9 Operating instructions and ordering information in French (Not available)
Page 10 Parts diagram
Page 11 Parts diagram
Page 12 Parts diagram
Pages 13-18 List of parts indexed to the parts diagrams numbers
Page 19 "Special features of our engines"
Pages 20-23 Ads for Acadia hoists (Not available)
Page 24 Acadia gear driven hoist
Page 25 Engine specifications
Page 26 Sectional view of an engine. (Illegible, not available)

Updated: Sat 25 Mar 2006 -- Mike Spencer
Thanks to the nice folks at Acadia Gas Engines for the valuable help in providing the photocopies.