Mike Spencer
Artist Blacksmith

These pieces were commissioned by the Halifax Science Fiction & Fantasy Society for presentation to guest authors at the HALCON conventions.

Although HALCON never had the funds to pay the full tariff for unique commissioned sculptures, they made up for it with full passes to my whole family to the conventions and banquets as well as a chance to meet the celebrity authors off-program. This was especially fine since my sons were at that time teenagers and avid science fiction readers.

Black Destroyer thumbnail Couerl -- The Black Destroyer
Slow Sculpture thumbnail Slow Sculpture
Spider & Jeanne thumbnail They Travel in Elephants
Technology thumbnail Technology
War Bug thumbnail War Bug
Eileen Kernaghan's Aurora, thumbnail Aurora for Eileen Kernaghan
Master Millwright, thumbnail Master Millwright of Halcon

Updated: Mike Spencer -- Sun 28 Dec 2008